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The writing task for my second year students was about writing something that they are  really keen on. Most of them wrote something related to their favourite youtubers, footballers, actors. I told them that the most original blog, the best written, and the best designed would appear as my next post on my blog.

Therefore, here I present you the shortlisted  blogs:


Entertainment for tourists in Madrid by Carmen

Hi! My name is Carmen and  today I am going to  ask you a very common question: Are you a tourist and you want to have some fun in Madrid ? I’m going to  give you some ideas, so you don’t have to worry about that.


In warner Madrid you can have a lot of fun. It’s the Warner’s themed park in Madrid,you have a lot of attractions where you can have a lot of fun.I am going to  put some photos of the most iconic attractions in the theme park :  

If you want to see some cultural places you can go to some museums , here I will attach  the most famous cultural places :



Here you can find some of the best paintings of the best artists that I have ever seen. You also have a shop and a caffeteria were you can have a coffee while  having a rest from  seeing pictures.I will show you  the most iconic picture:




If you love running, you can go to holi run, in this race  while you are running they throw you coloured powders  so when you finish the race you will be full of colours and you should  also have a shower.  



In this market you can see a lot of shops with typical stuff from Spain .If you like gastronomical places you have to go here, there  are also many bars and food stalls where you can taste some of our delicious typical food, have a rest or drink something.


I will also show you a video if you want to know more about interesting sites and landmarks of Madrid: 

25 things  to do if you are in Madrid




Today I am going to talk about youtubers in Spain and in Britain

A youtuber is a professional who makes a living by making videos on Youtube using the platform monetization system for profit .

They are  people too who record videos and upload them , some of these Youtube videos are the most visited in the whole world.

People normally upload videos in order to win money and some of them just  for having a  laugh.

The quality of the videos is usually not very good, since youtubers normally make  one or more videos every week, which requires a lot of time .

The most famous youtubers in Spain are: ElRubiusOMG, AuronPlay, Wismichu, Willyrex, Mangelrogel.

My favourite youtuber in Spain is DjMaRiiO .


DjMaRiiO is a spanish youtuber that uploads videos to youtube of football in real life, in videogames, for me he is very funny .

He has a second channel ( DjMaRiiOHD ) which uploads videos of a videogame called GTA V and Clash Royale .

Youtubers in England

The most famous youtubers  in England are : W2S ,KSI, DudePerfect, PewdiePie (at this moment , he is the youtuber with more subscribers in the world ).


Youtubers in England aren’t as valued as in Spain .

I am going to talk about W2S ( WroetoShaw )

W2S is an England boy that uploads  videos for Youtube about football in  real life, in video games, he  also uploads  funny videos with his family and friends ….

At this moment he has 8.756.086 subscribers, he has tried to win the World Record a lot of times .

Harold Lewis “ Harry “ Shaw is 19 years old and is gamer from Guernsey. His videos are heavily based on commentaries of the FIFA series . Amazing !

My favourite trips by Nuria

For this blog I am going to talk about places that I like travelling to and you can visit  in your holidays .

Today I am going to  talk about one of my favourite trips in Spain: Ibiza.

IBIZA:  Ibiza is an island located in the Mediterranean Sea and forms next to those of Mallorca, Menorca and Formentera and several smaller islets the archipelago and autonomous community of the Balearic Islands in Spain. I love this island. Ibiza is characterized by being a site with many people.

You can ´t leave Ibiza without trying…

  • Alioli and olives with payés´s bread
  • Ibiza red shrimp
  • Orelletes
  • Broken eggs with iberic potato and sobrasada

Things to see in Ibiza….

  • You can visit Dalt Vila. It´s beautiful to see the impressive wall and you can walk along the old cobbled streets.I visit them at night and It´s amazing !
  • You can bathe in the beach d’en bossa. The biggest and most important beach in Ibiza. The water of the sea is characterized by its transparency.
  • Go and see the port of Ibiza.
  • You can see the Marina district declared as a World Heritage Site.

In Ibiza there are many things to do  and discover them.







ONE OK ROCK by Cristina

One ok rock is a Japanese rock band from Tokyo.They sing in Japanese and in English.The name of [one ok rock] is created because they normally finish their job at one o’clock. It was started in 2005 by Toru and now they have four members:

  • Takahiro Moriuchi: Is the singer. He can also  play the guitar.
  • Toru Yamashita: Is the guitarist.
  • Ryota Kohama: Is the bassist.
  • Tomoya Kanki: He plays the drum.

They debuted in 2007 with their first album

( Zeitakubyō).They sold 15.000 copies

Now they have 8 albums.

They also sing for dramas and films.

Here you have two songs :

And if you want to listen more and see live gigs, I put their complete concert here



History of Nutella by María José 

Originally Nutella was the solution of a big problem on the 2nd World War, there wasn’t enough cocoa. The baker Pietro Ferrero made this delicious product and he called it Giandujot. On 14th of may,  1946 Pietro Ferrero created his own company.

In 1951,  this product was called “Super crema”. Then in 1964 Pietro Ferrero’s son, Michele, improved the recipe and he called  it Nutella. Nutella became very famous all over the world with its new jar and design.

In 2005,  it was the 40th anniversary of Nutella so 27.854 people met in Gelsenkirchen to participate in the biggest Continental Breakfast with Nutella. This event hit a Guinness record.

On 5th of february 2007, this was the 1st celebration of the international day of Nutella, the cream of cocoa more popular in all the world. Most of the people in the world love Nutella for breakfast or for a  snack. Also Nutella is popular on the social networks.





























Hello, I am Elena. I’m going to talk about the book Our lady of Paris. It is a book written by  the writer Victor Hugo. It narrates the famous story of Esmeralda. We do  recognise this book because Walt Disney put it as a main character  of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. But the real story  is not  the same as the story of Walt Disney.

In the real story Esmeralda died and the Hunchback of Notre Dame too.Three people liked Esmeralda but only one , the weakest of all really loved her.

I really prefer the film of Walt Disney because the real book is very sad , but it  is true that the real story is the original because the story of Disney is just an interpretation of Hugo´s book.


In the book Esmeralda is the main character. She helps him, when she is going to die, he saves her because he catches her and carries  her to the church of Notre Dame. In the church the soldiers can´t enter and take her. But they finally  enter and kill Esmeralda.The story finishes  when Quasimodo expires next to the tomb of Esmeralda.

Esmeralda giving Quasimodo water when they were throwing things at him: 



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