Colour Idioms

Colour Idioms

Out of the blue         to catch someone red-handed       in the red       red tape

to have green fingers     green with envy    a black sheep             once in a blue moon

to give the green light to          to see life through rose-colored spectacles   a red-letter day        

to see red             a red herring                   a black leg                    a white -collar job          

a white elephant      a white lie


                         Put each of the above idioms in its correct place in the sentences below : 

1.I must remind you that this is a non-smoking office. I suspect that some of you have been smoking. If I happen ______________         I am afraid it will mean dismissal.

2.To import firearms into Britain you will have to fill in a lot of forms. There is a lot of ________________

3.If you want to be a successful gardener, of course you´ve got _______________________

4.The rest of my family were respectable , honest people but he was always in trouble. I am afraid he was ________________

5.When I saw him in a new sports car , I was _________________________

6.Tourists often go to the British Museum but most Londoners only go ___________________________

7.The firm is _____________________. It owes a lot of money.

8.I had lost touch with Jack , and then one night he arrived at my flat right ____________________. What a surprise!

9. Bill carried on working when his fellow -workers went on strike.He was very unpopular and they called him ________________

10.He said he didn´t want to have ________________ and sit in an office all day.

11.She loves animals and tends __________________ when she sees one being badly treated.

12.He told _________________ to avoid hurting his wife´s feelings.

13. That horrible painting Uncle Jack gave us is _______________________. What can be do with it ?

14. Be realistic ! You can´t go through life looking at the world through _________________________

15.That day was a memorable one for me. It was __________________.I ´ll never forget it.

16.In class pupils sometimes introduce ________________ to distract  the teacher from his subject.

17.The government has finally decided ______________________________________ the building of a tunnel.

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