Body Idioms

Using the following idioms about body parts complete the sentences: 

to get something off your chest   to cost an arm and a leg     to lift a finger    to be all thumbs

to be up to someone´s ears    to pull someone´s leg          to get your head round

to be heads and shoulders above someone    to keep someone on his/ her toes 

to make someone´s hair stand on end


1. They may be the last thing, but these training shoes   __________________________.

2.After worrying about the problem for two months, she was glad to ___________________.

3.Could you come back later! I am __________________ in work at the moment.

4.To be honest, the thought of diving from the high board  _____________________________.

5.She´s always been good at swimming. She´s _________________________ the others at the club.

6.I am ______________________ this morning. That is the third time I´ve dropped my scarf.

7.Did you really win the marathon or are you just _______________________________________?

8.Working with people half your age certainly helps to _________________________________.

9.This application form defies the imagination. I can’t __________________________________.

10.It takes the coach hours to get the sports hall ready, but the players never __________

_________  to help him.









And now try to figure out the meaning of the following idioms:

to give someone the cold shoulder

 to get cold feet

to turn an eye blind

to toe the line


Match the following collocations: 

to shoulder               the bill

to foot                       responsibility

to thumb                  your way in

to elbow                   a lift

to tiptoe                    a ship

to man                      into a room






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